Display-aware Image Editing


W.K. Jeong; M.K. Johnson; I. Yu; J. Kautz; H. Pfister; S. Paris


We describe a set of image editing and viewing tools that explicitly take into account the resolution of the display on which the image is viewed. Our approach is twofold. First, we design editing tools that process only the visible data, which is useful for images larger than the display. This en- compasses cases such as multi-image panoramas and high- resolution medical data. Second, we propose an adaptive way to set viewing parameters such brightness and contrast. Because we deal with very large images, different locations and scales often require different viewing parameters. We let users set these parameters at a few places and interpo- late satisfying values everywhere else. We demonstrate the efficiency of our approach on different display and image sizes. Since the computational complexity to render a view depends on the display resolution and not the actual input image resolution, we achieve interactive image editing even on a 16 gigapixel image.

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