Factored Time-Lapse Video


K. Sunkavalli; W. Matusik; H. Pfister; S. Rusinkiewicz


We describe a method for converting time-lapse photography captured with outdoor cameras into Factored Time-Lapse Video (FTLV): a video in which time appears to move faster (i.e., lapsing) and where data at each pixel has been factored into shadow, illumination, and reflectance components. The factorization allows a user to easily relight the scene, recover a portion of the scene geometry (normals), and to perform advanced image editing operations. Our method is easy to implement, robust, and provides a compact representation with good reconstruction characteristics. We show results using several publicly available time-lapse sequences. CR Categories: I.4.8 [Image Processing and Computer Vision]: Scene Analysis—Time-varying Imagery I.3.7 [Computer Graphics]: Three-Dimensional Graphics and Realism—Color, shading, shadowing, and texture. Keywords: Image-based rendering and lighting, inverse problems, computational photography, reflectance

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