Multi-Scale Capture of Facial Geometry and Motion


B. Bickel; M. Botsch; R. Angst, W.; H. Pfister; M. Gross


We present a novel multi-scale representation and acquisition method for the animation of high-resolution facial geometry and wrinkles. We first acquire a static scan of the face including reflectance data at the highest possible quality. We then augment a traditional marker-based facial motion-capture system by two synchronized video cameras to track expression wrinkles. The resulting model consists of high-resolution geometry, motion-capture data, and expression wrinkles in 2D parametric form. This combination represents the facial shape and its salient features at multiple scales. During motion synthesis the motion-capture data deforms the high-resolution geometry using a linear shell-based mesh-deformation method. The wrinkle geometry is added to the facial base mesh using nonlinear energy optimization. We present the results of our approach for performance replay as well as for wrinkle editing.

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