Physical Reproduction of Materials with Specified Subsurface Scattering


Milos Hasan; Martin Fuchs; Wojciech Matusik; Hanspeter Pfister; Szymon Rusinkiewicz


We investigate a complete pipeline for measuring, modeling, and fabricating objects with specified subsurface scattering behaviors. The process starts with measuring the scattering properties of a given set of base materials, determining their radial reflection and transmission profiles. We describe a mathematical model that pre- dicts the profiles of different stackings of base materials, at arbi- trary thicknesses. In an inverse process, we can then specify a de- sired reflection profile and compute a layered composite material that best approximates it. Our algorithm efficiently searches the space of possible combinations of base materials, pruning unsat- isfactory states imposed by physical constraints. We validate our process by producing both homogeneous and heterogeneous com- posites fabricated using a multi-material 3D printer. We demon- strate reproductions that have scattering properties approximating complex materials.

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