Visualization in Connectomics


Hanspeter Pfister; Verena Kaynig; Charl P. Botha; Stefan Bruckner; Vincent J. Dercksen; Hans-Christian Hege; Jos B.T.M. Roerdink


Connectomics is a field of neuroscience that analyzes neuronal connections. A connectome is a complete map of a neuronal system, comprising all neuronal connections between its structures. The term "connectome" is close to the word "genome" and implies completeness of all neuronal connections, in the same way as a genome is a complete listing of all nucleotide sequences. The goal of connectomics is to create a complete representation of the brain's wiring. Such a representation is believed to increase our understanding of how functional brain states emerge from their underlying anatomical structure. Furthermore, it can provide important information for the cure of neuronal dysfunctions like schizophrenia or autism. In this paper, we review the current state-of-the-art of visualization and image processing techniques in the field of connectomics and describe some remaining challenges. The paper is also available on arXiv:

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