Pfister Lab Projects

Image and Video Compositing

We are building tools that analyse the visual appearance of images and videos, and allow users to easily create photo-realistic composites.

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In this project, we are developing tools and models to design and reproduce the appearance and interaction behavior of objects. more »

The Connectome Project

We are interested in the segmentation, visualization and analysis of brain scans in electron and optical microscopy in the multi-terabyte range.

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Biomedical Visualization

Working in collaboration with cardiologists, radiologists, and physicists, we are developing visualization methods and tools for diagnosing heart disease. more »

MERL / Princeton Face Detail Database

The MERL / Princeton Face Detail Database is a set of statistics describing the high-frequency facial geometry of over a hundred scanned subjects. These statistics describe facial geometry as a spatially-varying Heeger-Bergen texture. more »

GPU Computing

In this project, we focus on developing GPU algorithms to tackle computationally-expensive scientific computing problems. more »

Visualizing Biological Data

We work closely with biologists working in the field of genomics and systems biology to design visualization tools that enable complex, exploratory data analysis. more »

Content-Specific Image Enhancement using Large Image Collections

In this work, we make use of a large collection of natural images gathered from online repositories for the task of image enhancement.

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Analyzing Time-lapse data

We are using physics-based models to analyze the variations observed in time-lapse data to reconstruct the geometry and appearance of outdoor scenes. more »

Skin Reflectance Database

The MERL / ETH Skin Reflectance Database is a set of statistics for parameters of the Torrance-Sparrow and Blinn-Phong analytic BRDF models and face albedo. We derived these statistics from measuring skin reflectance of 149 subjects of varying age, gender, and race. more »